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Muller: We don't fear penalties

Bayern Munich's Thomas Muller (pictured) is not panicking about the prospect of more Champions League final shoot-out misery at Wembley tonight.

The legendary German accuracy from the penalty spot suffered a malfunction 12 months ago when Chelsea emerged victorious to conquer Europe for the first time.

Tomorrow, Bayern return to the final for the third time in four years knowing their mettle might be tested in the most extreme manner against Borussia Dortmund in the first all-German final. But Muller is refusing to lose any sleep over the prospect. Indeed, if his performance in the pre-match media briefing is anything to go by, he is rather looking forward to it.

"What happened last year has nothing to do with self-confidence," he said. "You never know who will be on pitch at that point and some players are better at penalties than others, but no one will be wetting their pants over it."

Coach Jupp Heynckes reported a fully fit 21-man squad, which will allow Bayern to start favourites to lift their first European crown since 2001.

With the Bundesliga title already confirmed and a German Cup final against Stuttgart to follow next week, Heynckes' final season as a manager is threatening to leave new boss Pep Guardiola with a difficult act to follow.

The 68-year-old accepts his team are something special.

"We have achieved some extraordinary things," he said "Overall, our season has been the best in the Bundesliga from any team in 50 years.

"But we have the aspiration to carry on. We want to maintain our form (tonight) and in the cup final."