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Muamba's up and walking now - Coyle

BOLTON manager Owen Coyle has revealed that Fabrice Muamba is now able to walk as he continues his recovery from the cardiac arrest that almost killed him.

When he went to see him at the London Chest Hospital, the Bolton manager was astonished by the progress his midfielder was making since he was stricken by a heart condition at Tottenham last month.

Muamba collapsed in the first half of Bolton's FA Cup quarter-final on March 17 after suffering a cardiac arrest which stopped his heart beating and he would have died without the immediate help of medical staff on the pitch.

The 23 year-old was only kept alive by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while attempts were made to revive him with a defibrillator and it took 78 minutes for the midfielder's heart to start working on its own again.

The drama captured the hearts of the football world, with tributes and well-wishes flooding in from across the globe, while his recovery has been an inspiration to many. Despite the valiant effort to save his life, it was feared the midfielder had suffered permanent health damage because of the length of time it took to resuscitate him.


"When I went to see him last week, he was able to walk around his room," said Coyle. "He's come out the bed and sat in the chair. That was a week ago. And bit by bit the improvements are coming. God willing he gets back to a high standard."

Coyle, who was hugely impressive in his handling of the affair, added that Bolton's staff are in continual contact with the patient.

"He's getting better day by day," Coyle said. "It's truly remarkable, given where he's come from, when his heart stopped for over an hour and a half.

"There was a concern about the lack of oxygen during that period, but where he is now is terrific.

"He's still got a long way to go. He's stable. But he's still in intensive care."