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Muamba collapse was 'surreal'

Bolton manager Owen Coyle has admitted he felt helpless as he watched medical staff battle to save Fabrice Muamba's life following the midfielder's cardiac arrest at Tottenham last Saturday.

Coyle earned huge praise for the dignity with which he dealt with such a traumatic situation.

Yet the Scot acknowledged his instinct was to wrap his arms around someone he feels so protective of.

"When I came on the pitch, all I wanted to do was pick Fabrice up and put him back on his feet," said Coyle. "It was difficult to see that happening to someone you know dearly.

"But, looking back, the first few days were surreal."

On Saturday, it seemed impossible Bolton would be playing in a week.

That they will face Blackburn tomorrow is a testament to the progress Muamba has made.

However, Coyle accepts emotions will run high at the Reebok Stadium.

"No one has said that they don't want to play but that may change because it is going to be difficult," said Coyle.

"I had a collective chat with the group and outlined everything that happened, so there was a clear picture.

"One or two asked questions and if anyone feels it is too much for them, there would be no problem.

"They just have to let us know. We would do the right thing by them."