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Moyes has moment in Allianz Arena until reality bites hard


United boss David Moyes. Picture credit: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

United boss David Moyes. Picture credit: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

United boss David Moyes. Picture credit: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

DAVID MOYES may well have had his moment in the Allianz Arena last night. Literally.

For 65 seconds his staggering, broken football team had a toehold in the Champions League semi-final. Then the dam burst.

Just 65 seconds when Moyes had reason to hope that he had turned a corner; the amount of time it took for Bayern Munich to wake up and realise that arrogance and complacency had no place at the Allianz Arena on a Champions League quarter-final night.

The home fans showed up to party and put a bitter rival to the sword but Moyes retreated into his comfort zone and found a way to resist.

It was a worthy effort based on the simplicity of Moyes' days at Everton – two banks of four and Danny Wellbeck as an energetic out ball or Wayne Rooney.

Moyes set-up to frustrate and must have been surprised that Manchester United had such a bright opening. Everyone expected a Bayern Munich deluge of chances but they never arrived.

Guardiola played fast and loose with orthodoxies in his team selection and saw no use for a defensive midfielder.

But whether Bayern Munich left their sharpness in Kitty Chung's nightclub the night after they won the Bundesliga in record style or the players were confused by Guardiola's match instructions, they looked uneasy and disjointed.

Guardiola gave them a pass to go out and neck some weissbeer when they won the title which they seemed to do with some relish and since then, results have gone to pot. They drew with Hoffenheim and United, following that with a defeat to Augsburg.

When they went a goal down to an absolute thunderbolt from Patrice Evra, the shock was visible on the faces of Bayern's players and fans alike.


The response, however, was immediate and savage. Up went the gears, Arjen Robben, a threat all night, supplied the ammunition and quickfire goals from Mario Mandzukic and Thomas Muller turned the game on its head. Robben drove the nail home with another and the misery was complete.

Earlier in the day, Robbie Brady was in Dublin and after running through a fairly lengthy description of his injury woes of late, he was asked about Manchester United, the club he left 18 months ago for Hull City. It never seems like a good idea to leave Old Trafford but now?

He spoke briefly about how he maintains some contact with former team-mates and how surprised he is by the decline. He expected a slump of sorts but not as deep as this.

But you wondered whether the edge has been taken off his decision to leave Old Trafford to play football by the humiliations being visited upon Moyes and his players and there wasn't much belief in his eyes when he expressed hope for the future.