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Mourinho fumes at Yaya decision

Jose Mourinho claimed players have been given free rein to commit off-the-ball offences after the English Football Association took no action against Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure for an apparent kick at Norwich's Ricky van Wolfswinkel.

Chelsea manager Mourinho, who views City as the title favourites, said not suspending Toure sent out the wrong message. He said: "If he is not suspended, the message is clear: the players can do what they want if the referee doesn't see.

"If there's no suspension, the message is normally that, if the FA defends football, he'd have to be suspended. It's the same for everyone: if the referee doesn't see, I can do whatever."

The decision not to take action against the Ivory Coast star is a huge boost for City – he could have faced a three-match ban, but the three-man panel of former elite referees which reviewed the incident did not unanimously believe it was an act of violent conduct. That will come as a big relief to City boss Manuel Pellegrini as his club chase the Premier League and FA Cup trophies – including a home match against Chelsea in the Cup this weekend.