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Metro ladies a coup for NDSL

THE NDSL is delighted to announce the addition of the Metropolitan Girls and Senior Women’s League to their ranks.

Following several months of negotiations between the North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League and the Dublin Women’s Senior League, the following terms have been agreed:

-The North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League will run football from the age of seven to 17 years of age.

-The Senior Women’s Division will be run as a separate section all together.

-The league will be called the Metropolitan Girls League under the auspices of the North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League.

-The senior league will be called the Metropolitan Senior League and will be run under the auspices of the Dublin Women’s Soccer League.

It is hoped these changes will enhance the underage division through better structuring, providing football every week and a more competitive league overall. A girls academy will also be created.

The development of the two leagues will benefit the underage group by developing their skills and allowing them to compete in a more competitive league. Also, this will enhance the senior division where one league will look after the senior divisions and it is hoped that this will result in a more competitive league overall.

The Metropolitan Girls and Senior League hope that all clubs, North and South and surrounding areas, will embrace this new venture. A meeting will be held with all the clubs in the near future. The plan is to commence the winter league in mid- September.

Should anyone have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Tony Gains in the North Dublin Schoolboys / Girls League and Mal O’Reilly in the Dublin Women’s Senior League.