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McGeady relishing real business of Croatia clash

AIDEN McGEADY can't wait to get the preliminaries out of the way and get down to the real business of the Euro 2012 finals.

"It was a long week in Italy, and it was a long few days in Portmarnock as well because you've still got an extra month to go pretty much. But we're getting closer and closer, and the excitement is building," he said.

"The training has had a really good tempo and a high intensity, as you've probably seen this week."

So far, the emphasis has been on fitness and drills and very little work off the pitch like video sessions and analysis.

"We've got Hungary and after that I think preparations will start in terms of watching more games and more videos and more analysis.

"Just now, it's training, training, training, and one day at a time, because there's a long way to go."

McGeady enjoyed Montecatini and the change after a week in Malahide and Portmarnock.

"It does help. If we were staying the whole time in Dublin, it would be a little more difficult.

"But the fact we're changing every day, where the manager has given us the odd day off, it's not been as bad as I thought it would be, or as boring. That's what you hear about when you're away at major finals."


Golf was one of the entertainments on offer during the few hours Trapattoni gave them to themselves but McGeady wouldn't see himself as a devotee.

"I wouldn't take it too seriously. A few of the other boys do, a few of the other boys get into it. But I just enjoy a game of golf. You don't get too much of it in Russia," he said with a laugh.

The fact that McGeady is rooming with former Celt Darren O'Dea has helped pass the time well, though not without a few awkward moments.

"I always room with Darren. We've a very comfortable relationship! But today at training, we were moaning at each other, that's how it goes when you know each other a long time.

"He was one of my best mates at Celtic, and we always roomed together there.

"There's nothing worse than getting put in a room with someone you don't really know that well."