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McClean blasts fan coin thrower as 'cowardly'


James McClean

James McClean

James McClean

James McClean has branded the West Brom supporter who threw a coin at Baggies player Chris Brunt after their weekend FA Cup loss to Reading as a coward.

Belfast native Brunt was lucky to avoid the loss of an eye when one of his club's own fans threw a coin in his direction when the player approached Baggies fans after their 3-1 loss to Championship side Reading. The club are taking the matter seriously and both the FA and police in Reading are investigating, with WBA promising to impose a life ban on the supporter once he's found.

Team-mate McClean, who has been on the end of verbal abuse from fans of opposing clubs due to his stance on a number of sensitive issues, was clearly angered by the episode.

On his Twitter account, McClean wrote about the incident: "Everyone [is] right to be upset [at] todays (sic) result, but to throw a coin at any player, esp one who has played over 300 games for the club and hide, not having the decency to own is up, is just cowardly," .

Boss Tony Pulis was also outraged.

"We've seen an incident where a lad who's played more than 300 games for this club could have had an eye out. I hope the police get involved, let alone the football club. It's criminal and barbaric for me," Pulis said.

"Chris is upset and I can't blame him for that. It was a horrible incident."