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McCarthy's moving into a new phase says Martinez

Everton manager Roberto Martinez believes that James McCarthy is moving into a new phase of development which will move him ever closer to being the complete, modern midfielder.

But the Everton boss is not asking McCarthy to deliver more goals, despite recent success in that area brought about by a change in emphasis.

"James McCarthy is insurance for me," he said. "He gives you fantastic balance and in the last six or seven weeks we have allowed him to have a different role.

"He is getting a little bit higher up the pitch. He's been very effective. It's something quite new and he is enjoying it," said Martinez.


"James McCarthy is such a talented, young player that he could adapt to anything he wants to be."

"It's a great strength to have a player like him that can be so flexible but I wouldn't say we would expect more goals from him."

Martinez believes that McCarthy is now fully recovered from the hamstring injury which plagued his season and that the club has found a forula which should keep him that wwqay.

"From a physical and nutritional point of view I think we have found the right formula," he added.

"Obviously this summer he has international commitments but all he needs is a good period of rest and recuperation. There is nothing to be concerned about and everything is quite natural."