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Match-fixing scandal won't keep italy out, says Tardelli

IRELAND assistant manager Marco Tardelli does not want Italy to withdraw from Euro 2012 after Italian coach Cesare Prandelli said he would have no problem in pulling them out.

Tardelli, who scored for the Italians during their World Cup final victory over West Germany in 1982, wants the chance to take on his native country on June 18.

Tardelli said he couldn't envisage an Italian withdrawal: "I don't think so, I don't think so. Italy is very important. They will be in Poland because it is only some players [who are allegedly involved in match-fixing].

"Maybe sometimes Prandelli says things to pressure the players and people around the team."

Prandelli indicated yesterday that he could identify with those who have said it might be better for Italy to take a break from football until match-fixing is solved.

"If you told us that for the good of football we should not participate, it wouldn't be a problem for me," Prandelli said. "There are things that are more important."

But Italian Interior Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri has told the national team to go to Euro 2012 and play with pride.