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Martinez: Derby not all about Gerrard

ROBERTO Martinez is ready to rain on Steven Gerrard's Parade at Goodison Park tomorrow when he will ask his team to do everything in their power to make sure the Anfield legend leaves his final Merseyside derby disappointed.

"There is going to be a lot of talk about that aspect of the game, but the only thing that matters to us is to try to use this game as a real springboard for our season," said the Everton boss.

"We picked up a very important win last weekend and it's all about what we do internally. Whatever happens to the other side, or whether they have a good or a bad day, is not what we are thinking about.

"Our intention is to make it our game. We want it to be our Merseyside derby."

When it was pointed out that Everton have only managed that once in the last dozen tries, Martinez said: "I'm not too concerned what has been the record for the last 20 years. I'm more concerned about the record is going to be in the next 20 years. That's the way we are facing it as a fresh game."