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Martin and Roy would be 'a dream for Ireland' – McGrath


Paul McGrath pictured at Croke Park.

Paul McGrath pictured at Croke Park.

Paul McGrath pictured at Croke Park.

IRELAND legend Paul McGrath has described the appointment of Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane as a "great coup" and "a dream for Ireland".

McGrath hailed O'Neill as a "great, great manager" and also said he believes that Keane will be comfortable playing second fiddle to the Derryman.

"It's not an ego thing with Roy," McGrath said.

"There are certain statements I don't agree with that he comes out with, but he'll know that there are certain things he can say to Martin and there are certain things he can't say to Martin, but he won't be afraid to say anything, that's for sure.

"Roy's doesn't blow up that much.

"I've been in his company loads of times and don't have a bad word to say. "He loves giving advice to younger players and seeing them develop.

"The Neville brothers were apparently afraid of him, but they've gone on to have great careers.

"He did shout and bawl and demand a certain standard, though."

McGrath added that he believes Keane will have the backing of most Irish soccer fans.

"It'd be great for Roy and it'd be great for the country," he said.

"I'd put it that three-quarters of the country still love Roy."

Keane and O'Neill also have the strong backing of former Ireland player Lee Carsley.

"I think it's a perfect pairing. It definitely says that the FAI mean business, it's a fantastic choice," said the ex-Everton and Blackburn midfielder.

"Martin is very passionate about what he does in the game, he really gets players to play to the best of their potential, while Roy is an iconic figure in Irish football.

"It's a very forward-thinking approach to get two big personalities, two people with such high standards."