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Mancini tries to dampen expectation

ROBERTO Mancini is adamant that Manchester City fans should forget about another derby day demolition for bitter rivals United, describing that 6-1 win at Old Trafford as a once in a century event.

The City boss is desperately trying to damp down expectation in advance of a monumental Manchester derby on Monday but without much success.

Tickets are currently changing hands for £1,300 for a game which will decide this season's Premier League title

"The derby is always the game of the year and this one is no different. But we don't only have this one. There was another derby when we won 6-1 at Old Trafford," said the City boss.

"That was fantastic, a game that can happen only once every hundred years."

While Mancini tries to extract some of the heat from the game, Alex Ferguson has decided to avoid the hype building around the game by sequestering his team in a plush hotel near Cardiff.