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Magee might take O'Neill call

ROBBIE KEANE believes that MLS player of the year shortlisted Mike Magee of Chicago Red Bull might not be a bad place to start when Martin O'Neill starts to look deeply into potential recruits under the FIFA 'Granny' rule.

"Mike Magee is a lad who was with LA Galaxy for the last few years. He's from Chicago, his family are there so he wanted to go back. They didn't want to get rid of him.

"I keep reminding the manager it was stupid to get rid of him because he's after banging in 20 goals or something so that wasn't clever," he laughed.

"His whole family is Irish. His grandfather or father. He's not an international," he said before suggesting that he would be interested in a call from O'Neill.

"I'd say he would. He definitely would like to but he's probably waiting for that American call-up. How he hasn't got it I don't know."

"He was a left-winger for us, a very clever footballer. Technically he's very good. He didn't start playing until he was 16.

"He never played as a kid. If he (O'Neill) asked me about him, I certainly would but I'm sure Roy and people would be fully aware of all the players available to them."