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Long - I would never 'do a Tevez'

SHANE LONG admits that he can't envisage 'doing a Tevez' and refusing to play for his team.

Tevez and Long have met three times on the field going back to 2006 when Reading beat Tevez's West Ham side 1-0, but the pair seem to be far apart when it comes to the antics of the Argentina star in Munich last week.

"If the stories about last Tuesday are true then it's wrong, he has to admit it and take it on the chin," Long said.

"As a professional footballer, if you're on the bench you have to be ready and willing to come on and do what's needed for the team, that's the approach I have had anyway," added the striker, who admitted to a dose of the grumps in the past.

"I remember when we were in the Premier League with Reading, I started three games as Kevin Doyle was out injured, I scored two goals in three games and was doing well.

"But when he was fit again he came back into the team instead of me and that was hard to take, being honest."