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'LOI will benefit from changes'


Anthony Delaney of St Patrick’s Athletic

Anthony Delaney of St Patrick’s Athletic

Anthony Delaney of St Patrick’s Athletic

St Patrick's Athletic secretary Anthony Delaney believes the League of Ireland is well placed to benefit from changes to the FAI.

Talks about a reform of the league structure from 2020 have been delayed due to the crisis at Abbotstown.

There were tentative plans in place for a new third party company - effectively run as a partnership between the clubs and the FAI - to take over the running of the league.

But discussions had stalled before the recent turmoil that has engulfed Irish football.

Speaking after yesterday's FAI Council meeting in Abbotstown, St Pat's representative Delaney said he hoped the league would be central to any new direction for the game here.

"We would hope so as it has been crying out for it over the last couple of years," said Delaney, who is involved with the Premier Clubs Association (PCA) that has been engaged in on/off talks with the FAI.

"We would like to think that it's going to get a more prominent position in the organisation."

"The conversation that we have been having with the FAI is on hold at the moment due to events so I don't envisage any change for 2020.

"It's probably too soon to get everything organised for then. I think that the League of Ireland this year has come across very well. Attendances are up and the standard of football is also up."

Limerick owner Pat O'Sullivan said that his club would be 'fine' despite the threat of strike action due to unpaid wages and expenses.

Blues players are set to meet today to discuss their next step. O'Sullivan only spoke briefly to reporters after leaving the Council gathering.