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LOI launch date is all wrong: Kerr


Brian Kerr

Brian Kerr

Brian Kerr

Former Ireland manager Brian Kerr has hit out at the timing of today's official launch of the new League of Ireland season.

The 2019 campaign kicks off on Friday but to date there has been no national promotion by the FAI of the new season, a source of frustration for former St Patrick's Athletic boss Kerr who has backed the plan by Niall Quinn to revamp the league.

"Niall's initiative on change and investment can bring on a spark to the league," says Kerr.

"There is a feeling for change and the FAI are responding by moving these talks on. One of the reasons I'm out of it is total frustration with the nitty-gritty of the League of Ireland and I couldn't go back into the lack of verve and real love and passion for it in terms of how it's run.

"Why would you be having the launch of the league today with the league starting on Friday? Give me the logic of that.

"From a club's point of view with the managers and players, there's an intensity about it with training and preparation, tactics.

"As well, the Champions League restarts tonight, Manchester United are playing, what sort of coverage will there be? Why pick that day? Why not last week or the week before when there wasn't much going on. To me, that is part of the attitude with some of the decisions being made," Kerr added.