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Loew is determined to take three precious points


Joachim Loew

Joachim Loew

Joachim Loew

BE afraid! Jogi Loew believes that his players will show a fierce determination to take three points of Ireland in the Veltins Arena.

Loew admitted that morale has been higher in the German camp but that Saturday's defeat by Poland had created a steely determination to put things right against Ireland.

"If you ask me about the mood in the Germany came it can't be brilliant can it? I've talked to players and they are open to talk about it. They have wasted a lot of chances against Poland," said the German boss.

"What is the mood now? Fury is the wrong word, or anger. What you'll see is a kind of determination that we really badly want these points against Ireland. There is not incredible disappointment.

"It would be wrong to say Germany have major problems. Those who say Germany don't have strikers any more, look at the scoring cards at World Cups, Germany happens to be the team that scores the most goals. This is interesting given that we don't have strikers.

"The difficulties that Germany are experiencing at the moment are a type we have experienced before. Post-tournament is never easy. Some players have more difficulty than others to get back in a rhythm. Players become more susceptible to injury and lose their form."

Winning the World Cup has made Germany an even bigger target than they were before and Loew believes that this has been reflected in the games against Scotland and Poland.

"We used to be hunter, now we are prey to all other teams. Scotland played with incredible motivation. We know the situation and we know how to deal with it," he said.

Loew conceded that he is having some trouble integrating his new defence after the retirement of Phillip Lahm but he is committed to giving Antoni Rudiger and Erik Durm plenty of time to settle in.

"I will give my full backs a whole lot of time. Obviously Lahm played in this position over many years and he showed world class on the right and the left.

"It is difficult to replace him on a one to one basis. That's a fantasy and we must forget about that," he said.