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Leicester boss Nigel Pearson's sympathy for sacked managers


Leicester boss Nigel Pearson

Leicester boss Nigel Pearson

Leicester boss Nigel Pearson

Leicester boss Nigel Pearson has expressed his sympathy for Alan Irvine and Neil Warnock.

West Brom sacked Irvine on Monday after Warnock was dismissed by Crystal Palace at the weekend.

The Foxes are bottom of the Premier League with Palace in 18th and the Baggies a point above and in 16th.

But Pearson has the backing of his club and squad and feels for his fellow managers after their sackings.

"I don't like anyone losing their job, I have sympathy and empathy. I don't have all the information in terms of all the individual circumstances," he said.

"I'm sure the bookies were disappointed it was not me. It spurs people on to do their job. It's always difficult to see managers lose their jobs.

"If you have the support of people you work for that's always important. I don't think any manager is above that sort of scrutiny. That's the nature of the industry.

"I can't talk for other clubs but I certainly won't get ahead of myself."

The Foxes won their first game in 14 attempts in Sunday's 1-0 win at Hull to sit three points adrift of the safety line.

They go to Liverpool on New Year's Day and Pearson has always felt comfortable with the backing he has received.

He said: "The longer disappointing results go on for it is clear that people will be under pressure. I'm very proud to be here, I work for people who I have a huge amount of respect for but I understand they will always make the right decision for the club."