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Lazio awaiting fate over fans' slurs on Spurs

UEFA were expected to decide today if Lazio should answer for alleged anti-Semitic chanting as Tottenham's tumultuous trip to Rome took another unwanted twist last night.

Tottenham drew 0-0 with Lazio to move one step closer to the knockout stages of the Europa League, but the game had already been overshadowed before kick-off.

Eleven people were injured during an attack on Tottenham supporters in Rome city centre in the early hours of yesterday morning. One of them was recovering from being stabbed in the head and leg.

A calm and subdued atmosphere descended on the Eternal City yesterday as people reacted with outrage to the attack.

Immediately before the match it was hoped Paul Gascoigne's presence would unite the two sets of fans, but controversial chanting from the Curva Nord, where the Lazio Ultras sit, put paid to that idea early on.

Shortly after revealing a 'Free Palestine' banner, a section of the home support began singing "Juden Tottenham" to fans of the London club, who have a historical Jewish connection.

UEFA would not comment on the matter last night, saying they would only be able to look into the issue if it was mentioned in the match delegate's report, which was due to arrive at the governing body today.

UEFA fined Lazio £32,500 for their fans' monkey chanting at three Spurs players during the reverse fixture in September, and Andre Villas-Boas hopes the organisation move swiftly to establish the facts.

"It will take another investigation," the Tottenham manager said.

"It happened last time and it was acted on quickly by UEFA. We will have to wait and see if there is anything to act upon. If there is, UEFA have to act."

News of the attack sparked outrage among the people of Rome and the 3,000 fans who made the trip to the Italian capital to support Spurs.

One Spurs fan caught up in the attack recalled how the attackers beat a group of around 30 people with planks of wood and knuckle dusters after throwing gas canisters into the Drunken Ship pub.

"We heard smashing glass, shouting and then smoke. I thought there was a fire but we realised they'd thrown gas into the pub -- that's why they had scarves over their faces," said the Spurs fan, who did not want to be named.

"There were about 30 of them - they pushed through the pub and pinned us back into a corner.

"They grabbed anything they could and hit us with it.

"The attack lasted about 10 minutes but it felt like longer."