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Lamps demands game-time

FRANK Lampard has urged Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas to play him "consistently" so that he can find his best form for the club.

I think I always play better when I’m on a run of games,” the 33-year-old midfielder claimed. “Sometimes in early season, in many seasons, it’s taken me a few games to get into it and be at my best so hopefully that will happen.”

Lampard has started just two of Chelsea’s last five matches having grown accustomed to being a first-choice under previous managers. However Villas-Boas has made it clear that he intends to rotate his squad.

“You have to be strong and you have to keep yourself in shape and train if you’re not playing and be ready when called upon if that’s the way the manager is going to do it,” Lampard explained after scoring – and starting – in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw away to Valencia in the Champions League on Wednesday evening.

“I think we’ve got a big enough squad, you have to respect the squad, respect the players that play when you don’t play and when you do play try and show the manager that ‘OK, you want to rotate but I want to be one of the players that you can put your house on.’”

Lampard said he did not envisage a situation in which he would refuse to go on as a replacement, as Carlos Tevez is alleged to have done.

“That doesn’t mean I’m happy on the day but I don’t think the manager or anyone would expect you to be happy or otherwise you’re picking up your money to be content to stick your bum on the bench.”