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Keogh 'angry and upset'


Andy Keogh

Andy Keogh

Andy Keogh

ANDY Keogh has admitted he was 'angry and upset' when he was cut from the Ireland squad for Euro 2012 this time last year – but buried his personal dismay to remain in the frame for caps.

Taking part in the FAI's advanced coaching course for a combined UEFA A and B diploma, Keogh decided that discretion was the best course when it came to dealing with Giovanni Trapattoni.

"I felt angry and upset, definitely. I had a good three or four months prior to the announcement, 10 or 11 goals in 17 games. I finished up as highest Irish scorer that season," said Keogh.

"I want to still play for my country. I was disappointed. I've got my personal opinions on stuff, that doesn't need to be said.

"But you've got to be professional, accept decisions and get on with it. I decided to move on and that's what happened."

Keogh was in on the ground floor with Trapattoni, selected in the squad to travel to Portugal for the Italian's first training camp and that made his exclusion all the more difficult.

"Yeah, I've been there the whole way and that was another reason why I was disappointed about last summer. But that's life," he said.

"Since the Europeans it's been good to be involved again. He makes his decisions based on what he thinks. Hopefully, I'll be fit and available to play whenever he asks."

Keogh is one of a small group within the Ireland squad with experience of a big day out at Wembley and after sampling the atmosphere during this year's FA Cup semi-final clash with Wigan, he is looking forward to next week's big friendly against England.

"It was my first time there, a big occasion and a great atmosphere. It's a lovely place to play and I'm looking forward to going back," he said.

Keogh is also keen to revisit New York where he made his debut in 2007 against Ecuador in a 1-1 draw and there was never any question about his availability for the full summer programme.

"Yeah, I'm very available and looking forward to it. I was very happy to see the New York game in the list. I'm probably looking forward to that game (v Spain) more than the England game.

"The World Cup qualifier is the main one. We've got to make sure we do the job and that sets us up for a good finish to the group in September and October."