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Kenny will have to cope with the loss of McGoldrick


David McGoldrick will be missed, but not desperately

David McGoldrick will be missed, but not desperately

David McGoldrick will be missed, but not desperately

A player deciding to retire from international football just before he turns 33 is not that much of a shock, but I find the timing of David McGoldrick's announcement this week to be very surprising.

It is a blow to Stephen Kenny to lose him but it's not a catastrophe, simply because McGoldrick had not been around the scene for too long and was only in the team, really, over the last year.

From what I was told he was a very popular member of the Irish squad and you are always disappointed to lose a good character. But in a strictly footballing sense, there is a loss in terms of the way he plays and the way Stephen Kenny wants his team to play going forward.

But it's not as if we have lost someone who has 60 caps, has been around for ten years, and who has scored lots of goals for the national team.

McGoldrick has played well for Ireland, he has always done the job that was asked of him and he was a good servant for Ireland … but he wasn't around long enough for us to say we will desperately miss him.

It will be a blow for Kenny as it looked like he wanted to build a team around McGoldrick and now he is without a key player who has retired after just two international breaks.

The Ireland teams I played for didn't really have a forward player like McGoldrick. For so long Ireland up front had Robbie Keane and someone who played alongside him.

He was a good player and he has done well for Ireland. There is no doubting his ability, but at 32 and with just 14 caps, you can't liken it to Damien Duff retiring in terms of impact.

The timing is strange. Usually when players retire from international football, they do it at the end of the season rather then a week before the third international window of the year.

I don't know why he would start the campaign and then stop after two rounds of games, with three more matches to come. Maybe he was under pressure from his club but to retire in the middle of a campaign, the day before the squad is announced, is strange.