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Kenny Cunningham: We don't go cap in hand


Kenny Cunningham

Kenny Cunningham

Kenny Cunningham

FORMER Ireland skipper Kenny Cunningham and rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll have jumped into the debate on Jack Grealish by claiming that the Aston Villa star turn should not be named in another squad.

"From an Irish perspective we've gone way, way, way too far down the road. You pick him in the squad. He turns up or he doesn't. It's as simple as that. If he doesn't you move on," said Cunningham (pictured left).

"The level or ability of the player doesn't come into it. It's the principle at stake here. We don't go chasing anybody cap in hand, bended knee, to go and put on the international jersey, simple as that."

O'Driscoll (pictured right) backed Cunningham's view with a tweet: "I couldn't agree more".