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Kelly wants quiet night

ALAN Kelly is praying for a quiet night off the pitch in London and believes that the Lansdowne Road riot in 1995 gave football authorities all the motivation they needed to make sure that it never happens again.

"I think everybody was hell- bent on it not happening again," said Kelly.

"Fortunately we haven't seen any instances like it. For everybody involved, it was a very sad day."

While Kelly is not expecting any trouble, he remains on his guard, as indeed will the big security operation in place around Wembley.

"We are still seeing the ugly side of hooliganism – we have seen it at Newcastle and then again at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final, so we have still got to be vigilant in terms of what could happen," he said.

"I don't think there will be any trouble. I don't think we'll see the seating arrangements that we saw in 1995.

"I hope on this occasion the anthems will be respected and people say 'Come on, it's a game of football, let's start on the right foot'. Whether that happens I don't know, I'm hoping and praying it does."