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Keane: I'm looking forward to big test


Keane has been taking a full part in pre-match build-up to games so far and he'll be making himself heard in the dressing room in Gelsenkirchen.

"Hopefully, that's my job. Not that I get paid that much," he laughed. "That's part of the job. Give little snippets. It's not necessarily about all giving big speeches. The manager looks after that. It's about being around to help the manager, help the players. That's why we are here."

Keane is not sure that the Germans are in the throes of a World Cup hangover and puts the defeat against Poland down to simple mistakes.

"Look at teams who've been successful over the last few years, particularly at international level, the Spanish have been the prime example."

"When they first started getting a bit of success, I don't think it affected them. I think the top teams and the top players always look forward to the next challenge and the next trophy."

"If you think for one minute that we're going to a weakened Germany team or they've taken their eye off the ball, we are kidding ourselves.

"I think from the coaches' point of view, the focus is to try to go out and put on a good performance and see where that takes us. I think one of my strengths is to focus on the game and not get distracted what might or might not happen."


"People might have a points' target, what might get us there. I really don't think about that. Even the last week, besides all the book carry-on, I was just focussed on the game on Saturday and now we'll do exactly the same.

"Whether it's Germany or Gibraltar, we'll prepare as well as we can, what you're in control of. We'll try and put on a good performance and please God that might get us a decent performance.

"They made one or two mistakes which happen. Sometimes you're going to lose a game of football. We've seen it before. When we analyse the game later and from what we hear, it's not as if Poland battered Germany or had 60 or 70pc possession.

"Germany are Germany, the record books will tell you that they're a top team, they're world champions. We look forward to it."