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Time to get the GPS fixed on Parlickstown route

I don't know where Parlickstown is! No seriously though I know that Eric Duffy was a bit annoyed at me as I greeted him last Sunday. We haven't been out to see them play in their home ground and they stand right at the top of the premier division in our league.

We have been to see Blanch twice however. Last week and I believe the game against D.Pils at the start of the season and that is more coverage than most teams.

We do travel a bit when the weather turns and we are almost certain to be played - and Parlicktown will be visited in the future!

It's really a case of getting around to everyone and seriously, we don't have any favourites and does anyone need reminding that we're only now entering the business end of the season and there will be plenty of opportunity to cover some cracking games before any silverware is handed out?

You can of course keep us in the picture and let us know how you are getting on - you can send me an email at dermienoo@hotmail.com and we'll see what we can do abut getting out to cover you

Friends of Kilmore in 'fundraiser' for Warren

Now back to our late friend Warren O'Connor. I will be speaking to a member of Killester United's committee this coming week as to the availability of Haddon Park for a possible game between Coolock and Killester.

I have put out a few feelers as regards to sponsoring a perpetual trophy for this most worthy event. I am still waiting to hear back.

The friends of Kilmore though are organising a quiz night for Warren on this coming Wednesday at Liz Delaney's (The Blacker).

The quiz kicks off at 8.30pm and a table of four will cos €20 euro, or €5 per head.

There will be lots of spot prizes on offer and it should be a great night. So go along, with a few of your mates, if you possibly can. You don't even need to take part just pop your head in and say hello if you wish.

'Pool man as I am, I still rate Scouser Rooney

I received a couple of texts this week berating me for slagging Wayne Rooney last week. Well I would never do such a thing the man is a gem.

He and Steven Gerrard are my two favourite players in the Premiership. Stevie G has been out of sorts this year no doubt he has been disillusioned by his team's performances and by his manager.

The man spends with all the disregard of a woman who has been let loose with her husbands platinum credit card. Though the woman might at least pick up the odd bargain here or there at least.

Rooney though has been superb. He combines aggression with deft skills, he's good in the air,he chases back, he's honest. He is rarely seen diving in the penalty area and he just gets on with his game without any histrionics that you see from some of the Premiership stars.

If he stays healthy I believe that England will have a great chance of lifting the World Cup this coming summer.

Especially with Bridge and Terry at the back as now looks will be the case with Ashley Cole's injury-Ironic?

The only problem I have is when The Stretford End sing 'build a bonfire, build a bonfire put the scousers on the top,' does this include Rooney? It would certainly make for a better bonfire-only joking again folks.