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Park's appeal spans the footballing generations

Over the past decade or so the Leinster Football League have made huge improvements on their Phoenix Park facilities.

Teams in the league now have the use of top class dressing rooms and showers while improvements have been made to the quality of the pitches.

Generations have spent their Sunday mornings turning out in the colours of their local side on the famous 15 Acres. It is a place that echoes with the shouts of footballers from the past.

Now looking to the future the LFL are inviting teams who wish to join the league to do so now and get their application in early.

If their application is accepted they may be able to avail of the facilites at the 15 Acres from the start of next season.

They can get the ball moving by contacting league officials Tony O'Dowd (087) 9224322 or Charlie O'Leary (01) 8316081.

Crehan brings a fresh approach to boss role

The manager of a football team need to be a lot of things to a lot of people. A range of talents are required; tactical awareness, an understanding of personalities, the ability to man manage, the perception to know when to give a bit of advice and when to let fly a few choice words.

George Best told the tale in one of his autobiographies about how Matt Busby came into the dressing room during Manchester United's European Cup semi-final with away to Real Madrid in 1968. United trailed 3-1 and were in real trouble.

Best expected a bollocking. Instead Busy came in and simply said; "Keep playing football lads." United went on to win 4-2. He had touched on exactly the right note.

This is Ger Crehan's first season in charge of LFL newcomers Laurel Lodge FC. He had hung up his boots and decided to try it as 'the boss.'

He says that for him one of the most vital roles of the manager is to have the ability to discern a player's ability and suitability for a particular position.

He admits his team went through a turbulent time in the early part of the season. Now they are starting to find their feet -- and discover a bit of form - as indicated in a recent 7-0 victory over Wheel Madrid. Keith Londis, Peter Hogan grabbed two goals apiece. Ciaran Barden, Alex Duffy and Alan Grey also found the target in the big win. There were outstanding displays from Barden and Liam Costello.

There will be setbacks along the way but Crehan feels that lessons learned from defeat can be turned into something positive further down the line.

One goal. It can mean all the difference between success and failure, between hopes fulfilled and ambitions dashed.

Frankfort FC lost a slew of games in the early in the season by that margin; 1-0, 2-1, 3-2. When it came to the crunch the ball just didn't bounce their way.

Last week Frankfort FC defeated Park Orient in the Sheeran Cup. Yes, you've guessed it by a single goal, 3-2. Frankfort's Phil Balfe is hoping this is the start of something new. A sign that their luck has turned. The result earned Frankfort second place in their group. It ensures more cup football. Gary Moran netted twice with Chris Reddy getting one. "It was a great team display," added Phil.