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O'Connor memorial game on Paddy's Day

So here's a date to put in your diaries folks, well it's probably in your diaries anyway because it's St. Patrick's Day.

Joe Graydon (Killester United) and Anto Ryan (Coolock) have been in touch with each other.

It looks like the game will go ahead on our national holiday. I know, I know it's a difficult day, but should the game go ahead I urge you all to attend.

The game is you see dedicated to the memory of Warren O'Connor. I will let you know next week times and such. Haddon Park might be the place to be in fact as I believe there's a ballad session and other such events planned for the day.

Davies and Gerry Tobin to the rescue with 'trophy'

I have managed to secure a sponsor for the perpetual cup. I'm afraid it is one of the old reliable Davies down there on the Harmonstown Road.

I was embarrassed to call my old friend Gerry Tobin, but I had to and I knew what the answer would be.

So I will have a look for a cup on today befitting of the occasion. Honestly if I hear of any of you buying so much as a bar of soap anywhere else I will be most annoyed. Do they even sell soap? Don't know but they are the finest bathroom fitting store on the northside of Dublin, this I do know.I heard that Joe McDonnell was down in the lab attempting to invent a contraption that would stem the verbal abuse of referees. I believe there were plungers involved!Hopefully we can come up with some other decent goodies on the day and make it an occasion to remember and one to look forward to in the coming years.

Both Joey and Anto were extremely fond of Warren as were mostly all of the people that knew him. I will try to get the event as much copy as I possibly can.

So that's it folks as it stands St. Patrick's day Coolock Town versus Killester United in memory of our deceased friend Warren O'Connor.

Ramble on the button and not D.Pils for the points!

In my haste to fill a second column on Sunday last I took a result straight from the sheet emailed by Noel Kennelly to me. I hadn't got time to call the officials for the scorers and wouldn't you just know it the result was posted wrong.

When I first looked at it I was surprised and that's why I included it. I reported on the continuing progress of our Latvian friends D.Pils who had just overcome Ramble Inn by a scoreline of 3-2.

It was in fact Ramble who continued on a run of impressive results with a 3-2 win. These things happen and I hope that the points are awarded to Ramble lest the league face the wrath of one William McGuirk.

Willie wasn't too hard on me in fairness to him. He did ask me though if the top scorer award 'golden boot' is still being presented.

Obviously one of the Ramble lads is in contention and I imagine that the award is still there. The last couple of years were blowouts with Paul McClelland and Micka Keogh well clear of the field.

In fact I heard that Micka received a phone call from Dixie Dean's son congratulating him on his goalscoring feats of last year.

If any of you out there feel that you have a player that might be in contention please text me with his name and tally.

It is a difficult on to evaluate. My number is 0879207017 or you can email me at dermienoo@hotmail.com.