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NASA beckons as Belvedere launch bursary to honour late Noel O'Reilly

THE late Noel O'Reilly has been honoured by Belvedere FC, the schoolboy club where he had a long and fruitful coaching association with.

Following his untimely death in September 2008, Belvedere FC club officials discussed several ways in which they could honour the legendary clubman in a fitting and appropriate manner.

It was agreed that whatever the club decided upon, it would include the pupils of St Josephs School for the Visually Impaired, the educational institution where Noel enjoyed so many years of dedicated and enjoyable employment.


And so, last Monday, Belvedere launched the Noel O'Reilly Bursary at the school in Drumcondra where the inagural recipients were James Kavanagh (18) and Elena Libman (21).

Both the delighted award winners were presented with an engraved crystal momento while a financial contribution, provided by Belvedere FC, to their future educational pathway was also announced.

In attendance was Brian Allen, CEO of St Josephs Centre for the Visually Impared who revealed that both pupils will use their bursaries to fund travel to the NASA's Marshall Space Centre in Huntsville in Alabama.

The Marshall Centre became NASA's first field centre in July 1960.

Today it supports the whole spectrum of the agency's crucial work: propulsion, engineering, science, space operations, and project and program management.

With its talented, skilled and diverse work force; extensive practical experience; and state-of-the-art laboratories and test facilities, Marshall thrives at the intersection of science and exploration.

"We're delighted to honour Noel's memory in this worthy way," said Kieran O'Reilly, Noel's brother who is the Belvedere Communications Officer.

"Noel would be delighted to see his name associated with an educational programme which supports the pupils of St Josephs School for the Visually Impared."