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LFL showcase finals head for Bluebell

What have the Jerry Ellis Cup , the Mitten Cup, The Haroldville Cup, The Watkins Cup and The Charlie O'Leary Cup finals all got in common this season?

They will be all staged at the Bluebell Sports Grounds, the home of Bluebell United, one of the best-known names on the amateur soccer scene.

The President of the Leinster Football League Tony O'Dowd and the league officers would like to sincerely thank Dave Arnold and the committee of Bluebell Football Club for making the grounds available over the coming weeks as another season winds down with a series of finals. The hope is that all involved enjoy the experience of being part of a cup final day.

Referees and assistants for deciders revealed

The referees and their assistants have been selected for various finals that are down for decision in the coming weeks.

The Sheeran Cup line-up is - Paul Thornton, Norman Lynch, Paul Geoghegan and Dessie Hugh

es; the Dalton Cup - David Thompson, Dessie Hughes, Christy Lawrence and Paul Thornton; the Haroldville Cup - Paul Geoghegan, Paul Thornton, Christy Lawrence.

Jerry Ellis Cup - Dessie Hughes, Tom Dempsey, Paul Geoghegan; the Charlie O'Leary Cup - Ben Connolly, Paul Thornton, Norman Lynch; the Mitten Cup - Paul Lynch, David Thompson, John Ryan; the Watkins Cup - Tom Dempsey, Ben Connolly, John Walker.

Sheeran, Dalton head back to Tolka Park

Tolka Park was the location for a gathering of some well-known football people on Thursday night -- although there wasn't a ball kicked in anger.

The occasion was a launch for the Dalton and Sheeran Cup finals. FAI president David Blood was in attendance as was the LFL president Tony O'Dowd and LFA supremo John Coughlan.

The introductions were made by Charlie O'Leary and representatives from Galty Celtic, Jobstown and Rialto were present as were the referees for both finals, Paul Thornton and Dave Thompson.

The Dalton takes place on the Friday, 14th May while the Sheeran kicks off on the following Sunday. Both games are at Tolka, a ground that is synonymous with Irish soccer, once the home of the great Drumcondra and for many years the headquarters of Shelbourne FC

LFL President Tony O'Dowd thanked Cormac Farrell ofOo'Neills and Shelbourne FC for their generous support of the finals.

Fair play to Woods!

THE LFL have awarded the Fair Play Shield for this season to Woods United. This new award is sponsored by O'Neills and was presented to the club with the best disciplinary record for the season.

Woods United have an exceptionally good disciplinary record and club representatives will be invited to the O'Neill's Leinster Football presentation night to receive the shield and an O'Neills sports voucher for next season.