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Hyho's novel approach looks like a real winner

There's an old saying 'necessity is the mother of invention.' That being the case then Recession must be the father of innovation.

During these bleak periods the brain goes into overdrive as we seek a way, an idea, to pull ourselves out of the financial mire. During the good times we don't bother, why should we?

Apart from the banks (who caused it in the first place) one of the industries to most suffer was the travel industry.

People tend to put the brakes on the annual vacation abroad. They get the old tent out of the attic and dust it off. Well during, or maybe just before the proverbial hit the fan, an innovative travel company came into being.

HYHO is the name of that company and we learned about them as we went to cover a Kilmore Celtic game, where the company were presenting a set of jerseys to the club.

The gist of it is that should you book a holiday with the company, you can then nominate a charity or indeed a sporting organisation and 20% of the cost of your holiday will be sent to that charity.

Not a bad idea eh?

HYHO stands for Helping You Help Others' Hyho.ie is delighted to join forces with Irish charities tohelp you to help others. For every travel booking made by you on our site,we will donate a percentage of our industry commission to a charity of your choice.

The website is Hyho.ie and is well worth taking a look at.

Chief Exec John shows his caring, generous side

During the week running up to the Warren O'Connor game we were discussing some fund raising. Someone said that we might charge people at the gate.

Well we decided against that of course it was going to be difficult to get people there in the first place, especially on St. Patrick's day.

Then on Sunday evening as I was filling the car up I noticed a familiar face walking towards the counter. It was big John Delaney - the boss man himself.

I collared him and told him about the game. Now John was preparing to head for Russia to negotiate the home and away ties for the upcoming European championships, so he told me he couldn't attend.

Now he's a decent chap John and I had a sneaking feeling that I might get something from him.

'I'll give you one of the new Ireland jerseys autographed by the players,' he said Bingo!

Then he thought about it and offered two tickets to the opening game for the new AVIVA stadium against Argentina, and he offered to throw a few bob into the kitty also.

Great Stuff! So we're having a raffle folks and I will be sending a few tickets to each of the clubs. The club can purchase them or some of the members.

When the winner is drawn I will ask if they would prefer the tickets or the jersey and whatever money we made available to the Warren O'Connor Memorial Fund.

I will let you know more about it all next week. Thank you Mr. Delaney for your most generous offer.

AFL cracker in St Anne's

I couldn't sign off this week without thanking the lads from Wyteleaf and Ramble Inn for a thoroughly enjoyable game of football last week. Sometimes when you go to cover a game you are pining for the final whistle and it seems to take an age.

This one at St Anne's No. 17 flew and I was wanting more of the same when it ended.