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Griffith grateful for Paul's professional expertise

Just last week I wrote about going to cover games outside the Dublin 5 boundary. The difficulty in getting back to cover another fixture should the intended game be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances at a late hour.

Well last week it almost happened. We were in Portrane for the over 35's game with Griffith Rovers. Fifteen minutes before the kick-off we were informed that the game would not take place because some of the Griffith players were involved in a car crash enroute.

Luckily we were able to head back and cover the Vianney-D.Pils game but they are the sort of situations we encounter. I hope that the Griffith lads are okay after the accident.

Staying with Griffith for the moment, their secretary Brian Fitzpatrick called me and asked me to thank Raheny United.

The clubs are battling out Division 1 North seniors and they met a few weeks back. Raheny took a stranglehold on the division with a 3-1 victory

In that game the Griffith 'keeper broke his leg and this is what Brian's phone call was in reference to.

He wishes to thank all the lads at Raheny for their kindness and help in the situation.

'They were great, couldn't do enough. Particularly Paul Elebert, who is a firefighter and is used to situations like this.'

Non-polyglot Emerson just guessing in Latvian!

Referee Brendan Emerson had a fine game but he may have introduced a new cause for disciplinary action in the Vianney and DPils game.

D. Pils are a Latvian outfit you see and midway through the first half one of their players became a little animated.

He was a little loud and he may have been saying something like 'come on lads we can beat these,' in Latvian. But Emmo produced the yellow card and pointing it at the player involved he explained 'I don't know what you said, but I'm booking you.' Vintage Emerson!

Wembley 'famous' hole!

In 1976 Ireland played England in a friendly at Wembley. Thousands travelled across as it was the first game between the two nations for some time and many believed we had a team capable of beating the old enemy at last.

The game ended in a 1-1 tie and Gerry Daly scored what I believe was his first goal in a green jersey that night from the penalty spot.

I remember the game for a different reason however. Midway during the first half the ball went into touch and disappeared down a hole.

Commentator Jimmy Magee gave us a little more information on this mysterious and perfectly square hole at the side of the pitch.

'That hole was dug specially for a movie they made about the 1966 World Cup,' the Memory Man informed us. 'The film was called 'Goal' and we got to see some tremendous ground shots because of that hole.'

He went on: 'In all my days commentating on games at Wembley though, I have never seen the ball go into that hole, NEVER.'

Well folks the ball was thrown down the line, crossed into the box and cleared straight back into the same hole. We didn't hear a word from Magee for at least five minutes after, which, given his fondness for the sound of his own voice, was a bit of a record.

My point? Well last week I wrote about two of my regular texters and how they had never texted me on the same Saturday with news of victories for both of their clubs until that previous week.

Well the following week they both did it again, both sides victorious would you believe it?