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'Duracell' Dunne just keeps on going for Vianney Boys!

As I made my way over to referee's corner on Tuesday evening, I almost forgot the secret handshake, but gained admittance in the end. The question on everybody's lips was could Jimmy Dunne win another one.

The 43 year old is still in fine athletic fettle but surely his chances of the half dozen Amateur Cup winning medals are running out. I asked if anyone knew when he had played in his first final.

Johnny Mac wasn't in attendance so we couldn't come up with an answer. I heard someone say though that Brendan Emerson's father was the referee and that he issued his verbal warnings in Latin.

Really, that long, well as we know now it didn't come to pass and as the legs buckle and the hair grows thin we were left wondering would it ever happen?

Richie Dunne forgot the handshake also but remembered the password 'Give Gay a game to ref.' I can tell you that now because they are changing it this week.

Richie is no longer a committee member as he left to coach Sporting Fingal's Special Olympics team and congrats are due as they won division 2 this year.

He would also like to thank Over 35 side White's FC for sponsoring his team's top scorer trophy.

Danno Brazil (mechanic and referee) was in attendance as he watched his son Darren play for Vianney and though his son played his usual steady game, he too left disappointed.

Now normally referees and reporters dread the extra-time scenario, on this ocassion however, I have a sneaking suspicion that many were hoping for it.

You see, it was getting dark and none of us had seen the new lights in action. And as Charlie Pierce blew his whistle to announce the extra minutes they began to flicker. No sign of Lulu or Sir Cliff, but the lights came on and they were magnificent.

All we need now is sponsorship from a big insurance company and a few €5 hot-dogs and the venue might gain consideration for an international friendly against Burkina Faso or the likes.

Of course major kudos to Chanel for reaching the final but there is I feel a little over-exuberance setting in.

Gary Walker was on the winning Ramble Inn team seven or so years back and he was wondering if he would be the first to win it with two clubs.

That is, of course, if Chanel should go on and win it in the first place. Well Gary I don't think so. I can only think of about 2012 players who have achieved this notable feat off the top of my head.

There are a few that I'm not too sure of but you wouldn't be the first my son and you still have to overcome Blanch to achieve it, no easy task.

Now I promised I'd tell you about this. I asked the lads up at the quadrangular tournament the question I put to you two weeks back. Remember John Collins-Collins John.

And it proved to me that you just need to be a pretty decent footballer to have a chance of making Gerry Smith's team. You don't need to reinvent the wheel or come up with the cure for the common cold.

One of the lads asked for a hint so I gave one. 'They are playing tonight,' the team that the players played for (Fulham). They were playing the first leg of the Europa League semi-final.

Another then asked was one of them Lee Carsley. 'Then that would make the other one Carsley Lee,' I replied and then another came up with this clkassic. 'Give us one of them!' I leave you on that note. dermienoo@hotmail.com.