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Doherty double halts Bridge

One of the most intriguing aspects of football is that nothing is certain. Even the most seemingly lopsided fixture can produced the unexpected.

Certainly before this Saturday Division 1 clash Islandbridge would have been odds on to bag all three points. After all they had won their previous nine encounters.

They had pushed aside opponents with relative ease to surge to the top of the table - with points to spare.

Then, what happens? While the wheels didn't exactly fall off in this encounter at the Park they did hit a few rocks. The boys from Islandbridge could be forgiven for singing a verse of two of Van Morrison's "Days Like This" classic as it certainly was one of those days for them.

"We didn't play well atall. You get days like this. You just have to dust yourself down and move on," commented philosophical club secretary Alan Bolton afterwards.

"We were doing very well up to this and everybody is entitled to an off-day but you couldn't afford too many of them."

What was described as "a superb strike" from Anthony Plunkett from the edge of the box put Islandbridge ahead. Eoin Doherty equalised for Woodbine from the penalty spot after Mark Killeen was fouled in the area.

The league leaders regained the advantage again with a Gary Kavanagh goal. That looked to have put the issue beyond doubt. But the spirited Woodbine outfit weren't finished and hit back to equalise through a second goal from Doherty.


Jason Carey and Gary Kavnagh went close for Islandbrige but the gutsy Woodbine defence held firm.

Without a number of players Woodbine had to rely on their old guard to step in and they did the business with a gutsy display that evoked memories of times past.

"It was like Dad's Army today as far a we were concerned, we had to relie on the seasoned campaigners, players who have been around since we started in 1987," said Mark Killeen whose daughter Molly is the team's biggest supporter.

Woodbine have been dogged with some inconsistent form in the league but this was one of their good days with Donal Kennedy, Alan Curran, Niall O'Mahony and Doherty among their best performers.

They are looking to the cup competitions to garner some joy from the season. Islandbridge, under Noel Byrne and Mick Cody, have a league crown in their sights -- and perhaps more.

Woodbine FC: Leonard Stokes; Niall O'Mahony, Donal Kennedy, Alan Curran, Paul McElroy, Mark Killeen, Fergus Cavanagh, Eoin Doherty, Michael Walsh, Barry Callanan, Damien Barnaville.

Islandbridge FC: Mark Kavanagh; Derek Murphy, Mark Doyle, Luke Hinchon, Stewart Mitchell, Gerard Thomas, Anthony Plunkett, Mark Fogarty, Jay Ward, Jason Carey, Gary Kavanagh. Sub: James Keogh.