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Democratic Dynamo to give youth a chance!

Clubs have various ways of running their affairs. Dynamo Dublin are among the most democratic.

The club is run by a committee which is made up of 12 players and officials who meet up and discuss matters on a regular basis.

The committee deals with matters in hand and also makes plans for the future. Recenlty they made the enlightening decision to set up an team for underage players.

This will serve the duel purpose of getting youngsters involved and creating a conveyor belt of talent for the future. Club secretary Victor Ilnitskyy says all youngsters are welcome to join up no matter what their nationality.

Dynamo Dublin is mostly made up of players from the former Soviet Union including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine; they also have a player from Uruguay among their ranks.

Yesterday Dublin Dynamo didn't have a schedule game in the LFL.

Eager for a practice match manager Andrey Abzhinov brought his squad to Galway to play a Russian-speaking side in a local league out west.

Bolands give solidity to Frankfort backline

Three brothers on the same time is not all that rare. Three brothers in the same defence is unique.

The Frankfort backline this season is manned by the Boland brothers -- Declan, Ken and Brian.

They have been doing their bit to try and ensure that any team facing Frankfort have to work hard for a score.

Whether Frankfort will have a trophy to display at the end of the season remains to be seen. They are targeting the Gerry Ellis Cup and if they get a little luck who knows what might happen.

According to manager O'Connor goof fortune has not smiled on them often this season. He would prefer not to recall all the games they have lost by the odd goal.

Since the start of the year Frankfort have brought in Stephen Tucker to train the team. The players are fit and willing; they just need that slice of good fortune.

Frankfort are currently sponsored by the Greyhound Bar. From the start of next season their main sponsor will be Derek Clarke's well-known hostelry near the Point.

Ladyswell FC official Michael Wilders was in contact with this column to thank all those who were involved in the recent match for the Christopher McGuirk fund. Christopher played for Ladyswell but tragically died towards the end of last year at a young age.

"We would like to thank the Leinster Football League, referees Patsy Browne and Paul Lynch. A special thanks to Tony O'Dowd, Mark Breen, Verona FC and all the players who took part," said Michael Wilders.

He added that there was a brilliant response with many good-hearted people playing their part to ensure that the fund-raising campaign proved very successful. The match was between the Ladswell Saturday and Sunday teams.

"Even in the current economic climate people proved to be very generous, we were very happy with the way it went," added Michael.