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Chanel get 'order of the boot' from Parnell's

Win, lose or draw though it will have been a tremendous run for Chanel under the guidance of Greg Noone. The College boys have won ten of their last eleven games to get themselves into contention.

I told you about Chanel's plight and that I would write more on the impending loss of their pitch in the college grounds in Coolock village

It appears that Parnell's GAA club have purchased the land and have ordered them off. You know the late Charles J. Haughey was a big Parnell's man. Surely he could have gotten them a green-belted area for half-a-sixpence a few years back and relieved us of all this.

I can recall travelling to the college some thirty years back to play Chanel. It is sad but there it is, they are our version of Glenmalure Park.

Chief Exec John as good as his word!

John Delaney has emailed me to inform me that he will be sending two tickets to the Argentina game on August 11th at the new AVIVA stadium. He is also sending a personal cheque for 200 euro and one of the new jerseys signed by the Irish team. All monies raised will of course go to the Warren O'Connor Memorial Fund

Here's what I intend to do. Hold a raffle for the tickets and the cash. I will get tickets to all of you and, if you sell your allotment your club will be entered into a draw for the jersey.

Then you can either hang the jersey in your clubhouse ar run your own fundraising raffle for it.

I will even don my gladrags and put on my very best Brian O'Driscoll accent and armed with J.D's email I will seek to secure an overnight stay at a D.4 hotel to further enhance the prize.

When it's a number game, it really should figure!

It's happened before on a few occasions, no sooner have the newspapers hit the stands on Monday and the phone rings. It happened again a few weeks back, I won't mention names but I will tell you about it.

'Hi Dermot it's...., you got the scorers wrong.' 'let me check nine got two and five the other one.' I reply with confidence. 'No, you see eleven was wearing nine, he forget his jersey and nine was injured but had his gear with him.' It gets more complicated.

'But,' I say, 'there was an eleven on the pitch.' 'Yes we brought him up from the seconds and he had his jersey with him.' Oh silly me!

So I apologise and next time we cover his team Keith Barry will be sent to report on the match.

You see it's not really that complicated. You look at the player and his number and write his name in BLOCK CAPITALS in the appropriate space on the referee's card. If it were a kid's game it would have 'suitable for children aged between 1 and 3 years,' written on the box.

A couple of weeks back we covered a very important game in terms of the Sunday Premier title race. Wyteleaf away to Ramble Inn was the fixture and though a draw was probably a fair result on the balance of play, Ramble had their hearts broken by a penalty in the dying minutes.

It was a game that Ramble had to win really but they still have a chance. Well yesterday the two met again this time in the big one The Amateur Cup and Wyteleaf played hosts so they would have been slight favourites.

Ramble Inn actually won the tie by an amazing scoreline of 5-1. Couldn't believe my ears when I heard it.

The excellent Mark Ludlow secured the match ball with a hat-trick Stephen Heary and Ciaran Flynn scoring the other two.