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Cashin Colts working hard to emulate Brazilian aces

BRAZIL still have the magic. Football was made specially for them.

When the mood strikes, they can turn their performance into Riverdance.

The Cashin Colts are still talking about them. Their control, movement and shooting power from any part of the house.

Brazil are the Rolls Royce of the sport, and Cashin Cup chief, Will Clarke, doesn't see any reason why players here can't follow their example.

"We were saying to them that there's no reason why any of our squad can not only emulate the lads on the Irish team but the Brazilians as well," declared Will.

"It can be done if they apply themselves and dedicate themselves to being a footballer. It's all about hard work."

Those that give the orders can also play a big role. "We need to slightly change our mentality," adds Will.

"It should be all about developing players rather than winning all the time. Taking the fear out of the game is crucial.

"We have to concentrate more on the technicial side. We tend to focus too much on winning at an early age."

The DDSL Under-12's have decorated the Cashin Cup with their poetry this season. Glue control, ball to feet, spreading the play, keeping it simple.

"The lads have shown improvement in every game. We had a three-day training camp at the Johnstone House Hotel in Enfield and the work we did there has brought it's dividends," says Will.

Getting the performance right is the priority. The results usually follow after that.

The Cashin crew showed how well they are progressing when they beat the South Dublin League at Peamount last week. It was the manner of the victory that impressed most of all. They are now just one game away from the Leinster final.

But as Will Clarke states, it's not really about the League table at this stage. It's more about helping and encouraging the young players to become better footballers...and people.

It's all about good habits. And a player can never have enough of them..

Crumlin respond with goals to help Haiti

HAITI HEROES.......the young players of Crumlin United. Two hundred and fifty Crumlin players undertook a soccer marathon for Haiti.

They scored hundreds of goals and had hours and hours of fun.

All the monies raised have been donated to Unicef, and Crumlin officials are rightly proud of the deeds of the children.

They include the Crumlin chairman, Sean Wall, who was thrilled with the response.

His colleague, Gerry McGuigan, entitled the project 'Kids helping Kids.'

The Crumlin community responded, and when the final, final whistle eventually blew, everybody was a winner.

Now, with all that time spent on the Pearse Park all-weather, Crumlin's control and passing is sharper than ever.

'Mun welcome new partners

GOOD news from Ballymun United. They have secured new sponsorship.

O'Reilly, Doherty and Company Solicitors of Finglas have generously come on board.

"In these difficult times, it's great to have acquired such good partners," states Ballymun Chairman, James Dunne.

"They are a company who believe and appreciate what we are trying to do as a club.

The Mun are buzzin. And with twin strikers, O'Reilly and Doherty, signed up, United will continue to prosper.