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Beggsboro show still has buckets of Cabra appeal

BEGGSBORO - a famous name coated in distinction.

The pride of Cabra for the last 70 years. And busy planning for the next 70.

They won the big ones. Among them the FAI Junior and the Glen Abbey.

Memorable days at Tolka Park. Playing winning football with a smile.

No shortage of heroic stories for the younger generation to hear and to be inspired by.

Beggsboro have two schoolboy sides - Under 12's and Under 8's. Both are doing well.

The 12's are off to play in a tournament in Blackpool at Easter. The bags are packed already.

Pat McCann is their manager. They went of a storming run that now sees them very near the top floor in 12B.

Billy Bolger is running the 8f1's. They are learning quickly. Both sides light up St Joseph's on the Navan Road.

"We are delighted that the schoolboy section is up and running," says secretary, Christy Coleman.

"Things are going well. They are two excellent teams.

"We hope to build on it and get more teams in the future. But so far so good."

The children also get the treat of playing on the club's main pitch under lights at Kilkeirnan Road.

It's a superb venue. It was opened in 2005. Visiting clubs love to travel there, even if the result is not always to their liking!

It also has an all-weather surface for training, which is very popular among the kids.

"It's a very safe environment for them to train and play. It's ideal," adds Christy.

He's confident that, in time, the young players of today will also wear the senior shirt with pride.

Beggsboro set sail as far back as 1938 and they have been such a welcome part of the Dublin football family.

Their fame extends well beyond that, and Blackpool is set to welcome a delightful troop of Dubliners.

"They can't wait. They are really looking forward to it," reports Christy.

And you can see that in their efforts on the training ground and on match day.

The Beggsboro Boys are coming on strong.

Becks deserves more credit for his dedication

THEY were slagging David Beckham on the radio after the United match last week.

Instead, they should have been composing Songs of Praise.

His right foot is still the most celebrated in football. He could open a tin of peas with it.

It came from hours and hours in the rehearsal studio. Nothing posh there. Just tons of hard work.

Those free kicks didn't curl in by themselves. They were moulded and re-moulded out on the training ground.

Becks should be held up as an example to all young players. He made the most of himself. And he did it by sheer hard graft.

Forget all the wrapping that goes with the Posh and Becks Show. It's Beckham the player that should be lauded.

Still out there on the big stage. Chiselled from the same classroom as Giggs and Scholes.

Different personalities but all united by their dedication to their craft.

It takes buckets and buckets of sweat to bend them like Becks.

Niall Scully

E-MAIL: niallscullyfootball@eircom.net