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AFL refs will always win arguments on the pitch!

When I played football myself, I got into my own fair share of arguments with referees. So I am probably not one to talk.

It is only now, though, that I appreciate the role referees play - particularly at the level we are dealing with. The lads in the AFL are a particularly decent bunch.

They are friendly and accommodating and, most importantly of all, they are fair. I have gotten to know many of them and they are a tight bunch.

One will help another out if he's stuck and can't get to a game. Years ago, I would not have given it a second thought, but now I wince whenever one of them is subject to verbal abuse.

Lads, as I have said before, they are only in it for the love of it. I doubt that any are there because of the monies they receive, you all know the fees and they would hardly inspire anybody to rush out and buy a refereeing outfit, would they?

Now I've no doubt that most players think that they are in the right when they argue with referees. The referees though possess an item that will win every argument for them and it is rectangular in shape and red in colour.

Last week's AFL Amateur Cup game between FC Town and Wyteleaf was an absolute cracker. Neither team deserved to lose but in the end Town were defeated by the odd goal in seven.

Town lost it because they were reduced to 10 men with 12 minutes remaining in the first half.

Every neutral that attended that game in Mellowes Park will agree with me on that point. I have to say though that it was completely out of character for FC Town.

I have attended many of their games now and have found them to be both sporting and skilful. They will win many more trophies in this league. The lad involved in the sending off situation is not a dirty player.

He is a vital cog in the mechanism and they don't suffer his loss too well. They tried on many occasions to fill the gap after his departure but came up short. I would have fancied them to go all the way had they emerged victorious on Sunday last.

O'Connor Memorial game still at planning stage

Joe Mc Donnell and Charlie Pierce, two of the referees in our league have texted me to announce their availability for the Warren O'Connor game. I will work on it this week.

I will contact Joey Graydon in an effort to secure the services of his team (Killester United) and the Haddon Park pitch.

Chanel SSC face prospect of losing Coolock home pitch

Greg Noone of Chanel SSC has also contacted me. Chanel have been playing in the AFL for as long as I can recall and long may they continue to do so. They play their home games in the college up there in Coolock Village. It appears, though, that after all these years they may be losing their pitch and they are not too happy about. What can they do? Well, I don't know. I will contact Greg this week also to listen to his gripes about the situation.

Short Passes wanted

Hopefully I will have some more news next week and will bring everyone upto date.

If any of you out there have any ideas please contact me @ 0879207017 or email me @ dermienoo@hotmail.com.