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Jose won't spend way out of crisis


Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho insists he will not spend his way out of trouble and has instead called on his under-performing Chelsea players to regain their pride.

Chelsea's meagre defence of their Premier League title is currently the worst by any champions and the club's worst start to a season since 1978, which ended in relegation.

The 2-1 defeat against Leicester - the Blues' ninth league loss of the season - left Mourinho's men just one point above the bottom three and after the match on Monday Mourinho admitted to feeling "ashamed" by Chelsea's lowly position in the table - but defiantly claimed his team are not in a relegation battle.

The Portuguese, who also said he felt "betrayed" by the performance at the King Power Stadium, says he and his players must be "humble" given their predicament and that throwing money at the problem during next month's transfer window is not the answer.

Asked how long he can remain patient with his existing squad, Mourinho replied: "Well I cannot play, that's for sure.

"My board, my club I don't think it's right I go to them and say these players are not good. We need to spend £50million or £100million or whatever, I don't think it's fair. We have these players and it is with these players that we have to go and the players that are not performing well must feel, for sure they must feel, attacked in their pride and their self esteem.

"And they have to do everything to get results in a humble way because I don't think in this moment the players can feel they are top players or they can feel they are superstars. I don't think they can.

"I think in this moment they have to be humble, in this moment they have to look at the Leicester boys and to feel these are the stars, these are the top players. I think they have to look to them and be humble.

"They have to look to Sunderland next weekend and Watford, who we play in the next two games, and say 'Eh, we are at the same level. I am not the super star, I am not the player of the season, I am not the world champion, I am not the Premier League champion. At this moment, I am at your level'.

"The players have to put their feet on the ground and be humble. If not attacked in their pride, which I am. I am totally attacked in my pride because I consider myself a very good professional.

"We have to be humble. This is very important in this moment because in this moment we are where Sunderland is and below Watford."

Meanwhile, Cesc Fabregas has criticised the attitude and behaviour of he and his team mates in the wake of champions Chelsea's alarming slide down the Premier League table.

"We will all have to take our responsibility. If you are a big player, and paid like a big player, you must play like a big player and behave like a big player," Fabregas said yesterday.

"I am not saying you can't have a bad season and bad games. We all have big players and small players but the attitude must be spot on.

"We must always be at the top of our games, even when it's not, and the behaviour has to be better than what we are seeing right now from every single Chelsea player."

The Spain midfielder refused to blame the squad's problems on a lack of self belief.

"Confidence is important until a certain point," said Fabregas. "At the end of the day, as a player you have pride.

"We cannot win the Premier League right now but we must do better. Right now is not the time to think of where we might finish, we've been saying it almost all season. I don't think about anything apart from wanting to beat Sunderland (on Saturday)."