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Jose Mourinho: Robson nearly signed Henry


Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry

Jose Mourinho has revealed he and Bobby Robson came close to bringing Thierry Henry to Barcelona early in his career.

The Chelsea manager revealed that the France striker came within "an inch" of moving to the Nou Camp from Monaco, but instead went to Juventus in 1999.

"When I was an assistant in Barcelona with Mr (Bobby) Robson in 1996 (we tried to sign him). He was in Monaco and he went to Juventus, we lost him by an inch," Mourinho said.

"After that he was not on my radar because it was never a possibility to come to my teams.

"Could you imagine in that moment leaving Arsenal to come to Chelsea? I wouldn't imagine that. He's the kind of player that you need forever, especially in the Premier League where he was more than any other place.

"He was okay in Barcelona and the national team, but the real Thierry Henry, the player that we are all going to miss forever, is the one that made unbelievable seasons and incredible history in the Premier League."

Meanwhile, Mourinho feared the worst for Kurt Zouma. "When I saw Zouma I was scared," he said. "Our project is to start and to finish the season with these players. Nobody to leave, nobody to come."