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Johnson: It's unfair but cancel the season


Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson

Former Liverpool defender Glen Johnson has broken ranks with most of his contemporaries as he believes the season may have to be cancelled.

With Jurgen Klopp’s side 25 points clear at the top of the Premier League and within two wins of guaranteeing a first title in 30 years, the majority of ex-Reds players and all of the fanbase believe the campaign must be completed in order to be able to celebrate properly.

“With football being delayed for an unknown amount of time, plenty think we won’t get this season done,” Johnson said.

“But what does that mean in terms of the title, European qualification and relegation?

“At the top of the table, we all know Liverpool are going to win the league, but the major issue is will there be time for them to be crowned?

“If the season is cancelled and the title is awarded to Liverpool, every person on the planet, except Liverpool fans, is going to say they didn’t win the league.

“It’s incredibly harsh on them as they’ve been streets ahead of their rivals this season, but the way things are going it might all be for nothing.

“In my opinion, if things don’t change pretty swiftly, we’ll have to cancel the season.”

“It’s a pretty extreme measure, but if you look at the other end of the table, you can’t just relegate clubs based on their position in the table after 28 or 29 matches.

“In short, you have to give Liverpool the league and relegate those currently in the bottom three or cancel the season altogether.”