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John Giles: Just get on with the job, Roberto


Everton boss Roberto Martinez is determined to find solutions in adversity

Everton boss Roberto Martinez is determined to find solutions in adversity

Everton boss Roberto Martinez is determined to find solutions in adversity

ROBERTO Martinez has assured Everton's worried supporters that he will not change his philosophy. I'm not sure anyone actually asked him to and I suspect that they would be just happy to see their team play a bit better.

Jose Mourinho refused to talk to the media before and after Chelsea's game against Newcastle because of a disciplinary charge laid against him for his ridiculous 'conspiracy' comments.

Again, I reckon most Chelsea fans would just like to see him put a stop to the occasional poor performance against weaker opposition which might just cost them the title when the points are totted.

On Monday night, Ronaldo won another Ballon D'Or, a victory in some way for brash marketing when for me, Manfred Neuer was the obvious winner of the award after his great work in Brazil for Jogi Low.

I don't doubt that Ronaldo has had a spectacular year for Real Madrid but he was almost non-existent in the Champions League final and hardly raised a gallop in the World Cup.

Neuer had an outstanding year for club and country and seemed like the obvious winner to me but what do I know? The cameras love Ronaldo.

So much in football these days is about style over substance or about the one who will shout loudest, which is why I was hugely impressed with a couple of people in the last week.

Top of the pile is Stephanie Roche, whose fantastic goal for Peamount just fell short of winning the Puskas Award, beaten by James Rodriguez's wonderful World Cup strike.

Personally, I thought it was a toss-up. Stephanie's goal was technically perfect but I think the neutrals voted for distance. The Rodriguez strike flew far and very fast and his chest down to tee it up was instinctively brilliant.

It was a great experience for Stepanhie and an amazing achievement, which seemed to come out out of the blue. But you don't score a goal like that without a ton of hard work and plenty of talent.

I don't really accept the charge of tokenism which has been made by some, although I can understand why they might say it.

When it's a goal you're voting for and when the evidence is there for all to judge, it's much easier than, for instance, picking the winner of the Ballon D'Or. I think most football watchers would agree that her effort was in the top three on merit.


Best of all was the grace she showed from the moment her goal was nominated. No grandstanding, no boasting and a great example to kids all over Ireland of how to behave if fate, luck and your talent ever brings you to the point where people want to clap you on the back.

The other beacon of hope from the last week was Ronald Koeman. How could I not be impressed with this phlegmatic Dutchman who tells it as he sees it better than anyone else in the Premier League?

I must say, I gave him a round of applause after Southampton did a bit of smash and grab at Old Trafford. No spoofing like Martinez and no posturing like Mourinho. He accepted his team was lucky to win and didn't try to call black white

Louis van Gaal has been guilty of offering some pretty thin excuses for the fact that Manchester United are no better off in terms of points than they were this time last year under David Moyes and again, the contrast with his compatriot is stark.

Koeman lost all his best players before he started managing Southampton and it only struck home to me on Sunday how little complaining he has done and how much he has achieved in such a short space of time at St Mary's.

The most significant thing he has done is to organise his defence and make Southampton second only to Chelsea in the way they go about their business at the back.

At the moment, Koeman has the power of results behind him but he seems to be the same win, lose or draw. I just hope he isn't infected by Premier League fashions and doesn't allow his personality to overtaken by the disease Martinez is suffering from.

I've kept a close eye on Martinez for a while now. His clash with Ireland boss Martin O'Neill over James McCarthy stopped me in my tracks to some extent because I had always seen the Everton boss as one of the good guys.

blew it

But he blew it completely with some awful spoofing over the last few weeks. Everton are struggling and it has nothing to do with Roberto Martin ez's philosophy.

It's about poor organisation, poor form and about injuries - recurring injuries.

Martinez lost me as an admirer when he blamed McCarthy's ongoing problems with a hamstring on the extra workload he has had at international level.

A toddler could tell you that McCarthy had virtually no involvement in international football for the last year other than to create headlines as the most likely man to withdraw from an Ireland squad.

When Martinez resorts to blatantly inaccurate and nonsensical excuses for the fact he cannot win a game that's an ominous sign to me for Toffee's fans.