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Irish Cup brawl probe

THE Irish FA and the PSNI will examine footage of the mass brawl which caused the abandonment of the Irish Cup game between Newry City and Larne on Saturday.

Referee Raymond Crangle called the game off with eight minutes to go after a brawl which involved players and backroom staff of both clubs, a row which was sparked by the second sending-off of a Larne player. Both clubs now face the prospect of expulsion from the competition.

"The trouble kicked off out of nothing," said Newry's Dublin-born manager John McDonnell. "It was not nice what happened - I tried to get my players off the pitch as quickly as possible."

Referee Crangle said: "In all my time in refereeing I never saw anything so farcical.

"There were melees developing all over the pitch involving players and substitutes and coaching staff from both dug-outs.

"I was left with no alternative but to abandon the game."