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Irish boss will err on side of caution in Bosnia tie

GIOVANNI Trapattoni will take no risks when he sends out a team against Bosnia after a rash of new injury problems cropped up in the Ireland camp.

Despite great enthusiasm from all his players to start against Bosnia, Trap will resist the urge to throw in anyone with a doubt over their fitness.

"They want to play but it is not worth the risk. Why run the risk? I am an idiot, he is an idiot if he is injured and I play him," said Trapattoni bluntly.

"We will decide if it is better for them not to play because it's too near to the finals. I am only worried when we have serious injuries and at the moment we only have two or three small injuries. The doctor says they can be ready in two or three days and I am not particularly worried.

"It's important they are here and not at home with their physios. They are here, they show us their willingness to be here, and that's important."


Trap added: "The team is working with enthusiasm. They understand this is a great opportunity for them, for me and the staff and the FAI. They sense it. We must be proud in this European Championship.

"It's our job to prepare them and they understand if they have a little injury they must rest.

"They understand how we work to look at achieving the good condition."

The Bosnia friendly offers Trap the chance to look at his fringe men. He added: "One of the first to look at is McClean because we have Duff and we have McGeady and they know our system.

"With McClean we also have to decide on his position, but he can play either on the left or the right, I think. He will be one of the first I can look at.

"It's the same with Robbie. It is important also to watch what you do.

"They worked in the gym in the morning and afternoon, but there is also the possibility of a little bit of tactical and technical work."