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Irish boss makes clear that McClean is not in his thoughts for Euros

IF Giovanni Trapattoni is the least bit concerned about the fact that another team was able to pull his system apart at Lansdowne Road he didn't show it.

He admitted that the Czech Republic dominated Ireland completely at Lansdowne Road for most of the game but pointed to the final result and a 12-game unbeaten run as justification for his system.

The game, however, was summed up more succinctly and accurately by Milan Bilek, the Czech manager who gave the shortest press conference in recorded history. "Apart from first 10 minutes we were very good and I'm disappointed we did not win it," he said and exited stage right.

When Trapattoni's turn came, the simmering subject was the treatment he handed out to Ireland's young guns.


He described James McClean's brief appearance as a "reward" and then all but dismissed him as a Euro 2012 prospect. "It was a reward for him," said the Italian.

"(Aiden) McGeady and (Damien) Duff were doing well but it was important to show him I believe in him. I believe in his quality. I wanted to give him confidence. I will use him in the future."

By that, he meant a distant future and only if someone breaks a leg will he be considered before the finals.

"We have time, every week we have an injury. We have time to decide," said Trapattoni.

His concession that the Czech Republic owned the ball for long spells was unavoidable and stark.

"We could not contain them in midfield, they were superior. I was not surprised when I saw this team play well and win an advantage.

"We had a misunderstanding at the back. They had more possession. Their ranking is not by chance but without this defensive mix-up we would have been fine. But we had a good reaction. This was a very important situation for us.


"We had a good reaction in the second half and we deserved the draw.

"At the start of the game, we had a great chance. Sure they were superior in midfield but we conceded only one chance and they didn't get another one."

"In the second half we had more opportunities because of our pressing and fresh energy.

"We played with our own weapons and we knew the type of game they were going to play.

"We never let go of the willingness to play and be aggressive.

"This result gives us confidence and security about our system."