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Ireland team needed an electric shock claims boss

GIOVANNI Trapattoni has revealed the scale of the change he needed to make when he first took over as Ireland boss: "The team needed an electric shock."

Defending his work as Ireland boss over the last three years and refuting the charge that Ireland are now so predictable that Estonia boss Tarmo Ruutli has an easy job finding ways to cause problems, Trapattoni raised more than a few eyebrows with his response.

"We changed the situation with the players and no, we are not predictable. Changing the attitude of the team and the way it imposes itself on a game was a big job," he claimed.

"The team now understands the difference between the show and the result because I have changed many things. I studied their culture just as I studied what happens in Portugal, Germany and Austria when I was there."

"Change was easy with those teams because I had day after day with them until the team understood instinctively.

"In this case, it was a little bit more difficult because they play in England, the Premier League and the Championship, and clubs have their own system. It was not easy to change mentalities."

For the first time, however, Trap chose not to rise to bait offered about his future with the Ireland team, and the possibility that results in the next six or seven days will dictate whether the FAI offer him a new deal, apart from one short sentence.

"No, I'm not playing for my future. We've done a good job, not just in the World Cup qualifying but also in this competition.

"Let's worry about it after the game."

Trapattoni will take no chances over the coming days and will drill his players in penalty kicks. He also left no doubt about who will pick the spot-kick line-up.

"It is better not to get to penalties at all but if we do, I will choose who will take the kicks.

"It is a psychological issue, not technical. We will be practicing penalties, sure. Every day."

Trapattoni is keen to calm expectations before the first game in Estonia and he is adamant that there is no favourite to go through to the Euro 2012 finals.

"Estonia scored the same number of goals as us in qualifying and they beat Serbia away.

"Why are we considered superior? Tell me why?"