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Ireland grounded in Bosnia after play-off


Martin O'Neill

Martin O'Neill

Martin O'Neill

Ireland will have to stay in Bosnia for an extra day because airport authorities have refused to clear the team's charter to fly home immediately after their Euro 2016 play-off.

Sarajevo airport closes at 11pm and Martin O'Neill had hoped to fly his players back to Dublin as soon as possible after the first leg.

Requests were made to the local authorities to allow the flight to leave but they were turned down flat leaving O'Neill with no option but to spend a second night in Zenica.

It means that instead of relaxing in Dublin on the day after the game, they will spend half of it travelling.

Ruled out

One man who won't be travelling, one way or the other, is Stephen Quinn who has been ruled out by injury.

"He's had an operation that we were hoping we could avoid. But he's had to go in and have surgery and we're now looking at maybe 10 weeks from now until he's back," said Reading boss Steve Clark.

"It's a blow for Stephen. But he'll work diligently on his rehab and get himself ready," he added.