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I'll suffer jet lag for Ireland place: O'Dea

BY THE time the sun sets on Darren O'Dea's career in Canada, he'll have enough air miles on the clock to buy a small plane. He has a homing instinct when Ireland have a fixture to fulfil and has learned to live with jet lag.

He hasn't quite come up with a formula which could be bottled and mass-produced, but he has learned that the worst impact of chasing time can be minimised.

"I'll go back to Canada on Thursday, play on Saturday and then fly back to Ireland on Sunday. I'm air mile elite status now," O'Dea said with a laugh.

His employers at Toronto FC didn't really have a say in the matter despite the fact that MLS is in full flow.

"They didn't have a choice. Before I ever spoke to the club about money or anything else, the first thing I spoke about was international football.

"I wanted to put it in my contract, but since I've got to know the people at the club, I realised I'd made a good judge of character and they held to their word," said O'Dea.

"The only person it's going to affect is me. But I look after myself.

!There's little tricks you can do to deal with jet lag. I've adapted to it. I know what I need to do, so I don't really feel the effects any more.

"Last year was very tough, at times I was all over the shop, but now I feel fine."



Once he reassured everyone that there is no danger that he might fall asleep at Wembley if gets to play, O'Dea turned to Richard Dunne and his surprise inclusion in this squad.

"It is excellent to see him back. He looks the same as ever. It's natural for him to be out for as long as he wants and then come back and still look strong. It's great for everyone that he's back," he said.

"He's an example to all of us and he's not been at the top for so long without having that determination. Hopefully he'll be back fit and healthy and back to his best."

O'Dea sees no reason why Dunne shouldn't play on.

"He's a talisman and a leader for us, so the longer he plays for us the better. It is great to have him around and great to see him back training.

"Hopefully he's match-fit as soon as possible."